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Start of Production of a New LIDEX Scrap Shear at Dengasc et Fils

This summer, the French recycling company started a new Copex LIDEX 1000t scrap shear on his site in Coufouleux. Dengasc et Fils who were already owning 3 Copex machines, shown their renewed confidence in the medium-sized French manufacturer.

Scrap shear with side compression

The French family business who were operating a LIDEX1000t scrap shear for 8 years, wished to have a bigger machine to be able to proceed easier especially bulky products. Thanks to a 8 m long box instead of the previous 6 m, the French company can cut long steel bars, pylons or steel frame products without having to previously process them by means of a blowtorch. This represents a high increase of productivity.

Dengasc et Fils were owning a mobile car baler. The new LIDEX 1000t has been purchased to replace two other scrap shears type CVB500t and CVB 1000t.

Since the introduction of the LIDEX in 2011, LIDEX scrap shear is a big commercial success. It is to now the only machine existing in the market which offers a complete automatic cycle including compression and cutting.

With the LIDEX, productivity increase is of 25 %.

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