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BAYLISS RECOVERY Ltd. orders a LIDEX1000 scrap shear to COPEX

COPEX is manufacturing a scrap shear with side compression LIDEX1000 for one of the largest recycling companies in South Wales BAYLISS RECOVERY Ltd

Heavy duty scrap shear baler with side compression Lidex1000

After a first order for a COPEX scrap shear with compression by wings of 630 tons cutting force installed in 2011, BAYLISS RECOVERY Ltd. renews his confidence in COPEX by purchasing a LIDEX1000 which will meet his increasing needs. This machine will have a cutting force of 1000 tons, a compression box of 8000 x 2000 mm, a cutting width of 800mm and an hydraulic unit of 4 x 100kW that allow an hourly output up to 42 tons per hour.

The LIDEX machines are the first side compression scrap shears which offer a full automatic cycle, from the feeding to the closing of the box. The balling and cutting cycles are fully automatic.

These LIDEX machines are available also with a cutting force of 800, 1300 and 1700 tons, and compression boxes up to 10 m, depending on the model.

This new machine will be operational in April 2017 in Cardiff, at one of the two customer’s sites.

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Publishing date: December the 2nd of 2016

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