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COPEX sells a first PMM baling press in the sector of dehydrated alfalfa

The French cooperative LUZEAL has ordered a PMM800 multi-material baler from COPEX to bale 40 000 tons of alfalfa per year.

Baler to press dehydrated alfalfa into high density bales

Producing 35% of the domestic production of dehydrated alfalfa, LUZEAL is the first cooperative in the dehydration sector in France. The company process annually 140 000 tons of dehydrated “long-strand” alfalfa on their 5 sites.

In order to upgrade their production line in Recy (51), LUZEAL choose the PMM800 which will increase production of bales from annually 30 000 tons to 40 000 tons.

The first reason for COPEX to win the market was the high productivity of his innovative PMM balers. The PMM800 will be capable to press up to 30 tons per hour of alfalfa (“long-strand and pellets”).

The produced bales will be put into storage before going to the consumption sites in France and abroad, making the minimization of storage and transport costs a crucial issue for the French company. For this issue COPEX had the opportunity to make a real difference with other manufacturers. Besides the fact that the bales produced have a maximal densification and perfect homogeneity, the PMM800 is the only machine in the market which offers the possibility to adjust bales size and maximize the loading rate of the Tautliners and 40’ High Cube containers used by LUZEAL for transport.

More specifically the French cooperative will be capable to load 27 tons of alfalfa (“long-strand” mixed with pellets) per Tautliner and nearly 25 tons per container, which is a very good loading rate!

Note that the machine will be equipped not with one but with two bale tying units to ensure a high throughput when the number of baling wires is important.

The installation will be operational at the beginning of May when the cropping season will start. With this first reference in the agricultural sector, COPEX confirm that the range of PMM baling presses can really treat the widest range of compressible materials.


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Publishing date: January 30, 2017

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