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A new REFLEX650 started in the UK

COPEX has delivered a portable REFLEX650 scrap shear baler to Bryan Hirst Ltd for his scrap yard based in Basingstoke (UK).

Portable scrap shear baler REFLEX650

Recycling over 70 000 tons of scrap metal each year, Bryan Hirst Ltd is one of the largest independent scrap metal recycling businesses in the south of England.

With this new REFLEX650 this COPEX customer since 2007 bought his 4th machine from the Breton manufacturer.

« Quality and reliability of our machines are extremely important to us, and for our LIDEX800 as well as for our machines with press wings, COPEX gives us entire satisfaction on the technical level and for service », says Bryan Hirst, the owner of the company.

His new machine is a transportable version with a cutting force of 650 tons, a 6 m compression box and a 352 HP diesel engine.

The range of COPEX scrap shears balers with press wings REFLEX is also available in 500t and 900t cutting force, and in mobile version with 3, 4 and 6 axles.

To know more about BRYAN HIRST LTD:

Publishing date: 6 March 2017 

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