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LOACKER Swiss Recycling has taken delivery of a REFLEX650 from COPEX

COPEX has just started a REFLEX mobile scrap shear with a cutting force of 650 tons on the site of a customer of LOACKER Swiss Recycling in Hägendorf.

Mobile scrap shear type REFLEX650 with 650 tons cutting force

LOACKER Swiss Recycling, a subsidiary of the Austrian LOACKER Recycling Group, has won a major contract for the processing of 4,000 tons of railway sleepers until next June.

Ercüment Yildirim, COO and member of the executive board of Loacker Swiss Recycling, explains the reasons for choosing COPEX technology: "Transport costs are increasing in our territory. It therefore becomes economically more and more advantageous to carry out the services directly on the sites of our customers. That is why we needed a shear press that was really mobile, that is to say, completely autonomous to go rapidly from one place to another one, versatile and robust at the same time, to be able to process a large variety of materials under conditions of exploitation that are not always easy.

When COPEX explained to us that it had been inspired by certain techniques implemented on heavy-duty static shear presses to develop the REFLEX series, we felt that this model of machine was probably the best to meet our requirements in terms of finished quality and robustness. It must be said that we already know very well the COPEX technology for large shear presses as we have been operating a unit of 1500 tons of cutting force on our site in Götzis in Austria for many years."

On the site in Hägendorf, the REFLEX650 presently treats more than 100 tons of scrap a day.


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Publishing date: April the 8th, 2019



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