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The world’s leading metal & electronics recycler Sims Metal Management acquires a new Copex Reflex 650 scrap shear

Scrap shear with compression by wings type Reflex650
Together with this Reflex scrap shear, installed in static version in Mackay (Queensland) and equipped with a CUMMINS diesel engine especially for the Australian market, Sims Metal Management has a total of 10 machines from Copex French manufacturer.

A new scrap shear LIDEX1000t started at GLJ Recycling, one of the leading waste management and recycling companies in Newport, Great Britain

heavy duty scrap shear lidex installed in Great Britain
GLJ Recycling was formed by Gareth Jones in 2007. Gareth’s family has been in the recycling industry for three generations. The core business of this company is the recycling of scrap metal.

Partnership between Copex and ShearCore for the sales of Copex scrap shears in North America

Partnership between Copex and ShearCore for the sales and service of Copex scrap shears in America
Copex and ShearCore were participating for the first time together in the ISRI Convention in Vancouver in past April. A way to make official their new partnership concluded at the end of 2014.

Copex delivers the first unit of Lidex scrap shear with 1700 tons cutting force to Fers et Métaux (France)

Since they were launched into the market in 2011, the Lidex scrap shears were encountering great success. The first machine with 1700 tons cutting force has just been started at the site of Fers et Métaux in France.

New range of Multi-Materials baling Presses (PMM) launched by Copex during POLLUTEC 2014

Leading manufacturer of equipment to process metal scrap and other solid waste, Copex developed a fully innovative compacting solution to produce bales out of almost all compactable existing materials.

Copex delivered a mobile shear baler REFLEX 900 t to Metallo-Chimique in Belgium

Copex has just delivered his most powerful model of REFLEX mobile scrap shear in 900 tons cutting force to Metallo-Chimique based in Beerse, Belgium

New Mobile Scrap Shear REFLEX

New Mobile Scrap Shear REFLEX
The first mobile scrap shear REFLEX of 900 t cutting force was delivered by COPEX. Discover this exceptional machine.

Start of Production of a New LIDEX Scrap Shear at Dengasc et Fils

Scrap shear with side compression
This summer, the French recycling company started a new Copex LIDEX 1000t scrap shear on his site in Coufouleux. Dengasc et Fils who were already owning 3 Copex machines, shown their renewed confidence in the medium-sized French manufacturer.

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