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S-Wing - Stationary with compression by wings

Durability and longevity

The pusher piston rod is fully covered for optimal protection.

The wear plates of the pusher piston and box bottom are grooved to avoid scrap jamming.

All hydraulic connections, electric cables and most sensitive parts such as magnetostrictive and laser sensors are protected against shocks and falling scrap, ensuring a long service life of the machine.

High performance of the press box with wings

The S-Wing scrap shear is specifically designed for the processing of light to medium-heavy mixed scrap. The compression box is covered with replaceable wear resistant steel plates.
In order to reduce cycle times and increase compacting power, the compacting wings have a specific kinematics to wrap around the scrap materials during the compacting phase, while the efforts are maximized at the end of box closing.
Each wing has a long overtravel to minimize the wear when the pusher is moving forward and contributes to improve compacting effectiveness.
By means of the preload table, the scrap can be loaded as a background task by the operator and increases production level.


Shear frame

Through the simultaneous movements of the shear and the stamper, S-Wing scrap shears offer very high cutting performance.

The S-Wing with 1000t cutting force is equipped with a « rail-breaker » to process the hardest scrap.

The extremely long guiding of the slide-block maintains minimum clearance between the blades and ensures constant cutting performances despite intensive operation.

The control of the clearance between the blades contributes to increase the life duration of the machine and reduce energy consumption.

Easy operation

The radio remote control has its own screen with display of all functioning parameters.

A second screen located on the control switch cabinet can be used to control the running parameters and anticipate maintenance operations.

The electric and hydraulic elements installed in a soundproof container are immediately accessible for servicing operations.


The new S-Wing scrap shear with compression by wings is specifically designed for the compacting and shearing of light to medium-heavy mixed scrap

Benefiting from Copex know-how within the scrap business, the S-Wing scrap shears with precompression by wings offer outstanding performance and durability:

- Higher reliability through the extra-long shear guiding

- High compacting performance through overtravel of the press wings and simultaneous movements

- Durability and longevity thanks to the reinforced compression box and full protection of the pusher piston rod and compression box cylinders

- Easy and economic installation on site without requiring any specific civil engineering.



S-Wing 650 S-Wing 900 S-Wing 1000
Cutting force (t) 650 900 1000
Cutting width (mm) 800 900 1000
Stamper force (t) 120 200 250
Compression box L (mm) 6000 7000 8000
Power of electric motor (kW) 210 370 500
Power of diesel engine (hp) 375 554 554
Production of bales yes yes yes
Hydraulic blade fastening yes yes yes
Cabin yes yes yes
Preload table yes yes yes
Soundproof container yes yes yes

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The S-Wing scrap shear is specifically designed for the processing of light to medium-heavy mixed scrap.