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Scrap Metal Recycling at the Heart of Copex

Stationary scrap shear with lateral compression
Scrap Shear with Side Compression LIDEX 1000 tons

Established since 1948, Copex was first dedicated to the fabrication of hydraulic baling presses for the treatment of demolition scrap materials.

Thereafter the company specialized in the design and manufacture of scrap metal recycling machineries, and rapidly became a major player in the market.

The first scrap shear with side compression of 1000 tons cutting scrap was installed by Copex in 1975.This model of machine remained the core-product of Copex for many years.

In 1978, the first Copex mobile scrap shear was started.

1996 was marked by the installation of the most powerful scrap shear in Europe which has a cutting force of 2200 tons.

Today Copex proposes a wide range of shears and presses to cover all possible applications:

-       Scrap shears with side compression type LIDEX

-       Scrap shears with compression by wings type S-Wing

-       Mobile and portable scrap shears type REFLEX

While scrap shear & balers for the treatment of scrap & metals have remained the core-business of Copex, the company has developed new applications for his machineries.

A Diversification Strategy

Multi-Materials Baler PMM1200 installed at COVED (France)
Multi-Materials Baler PMM1200 installed at COVED (France)

Domestic waste recycling: Copex offers a wide range of multi-materials balers (PMM) for pressing of almost all compressible materials into high density bales. PMM balers are suitable for the processing of MSW, C & I waste, aluminium industrial offcuts, RDF, paper & cardboard, plastics, bulky, light scrap (steel cans, bicycles…), WEEE…

Copex has completed his offer with big capacity waste compacting stations for the multimodal transfer of household waste.

Nuclear sector: To respond to the increasing needs for treatment of nuclear waste, the Breton company adapted his standard machines to the specific requirements of the nuclear industry, and became this way a privileged partner for the actors of the nuclear sector. Many Copex machines are being operated at companies AREVA, ANDRA, CERN or EURODIF.

Metal waste balers for waste sorting centres: Copex proposes a robust and economic solution to press any types of cans into high density bales: the baling press is called PACKMETAL.

Food sector: The baling press type PSP (Press with product separation) has been especially developed to separate the products to compact from their contents and is a profitable solution for agro-food waste recovery.

Treatment of agricultural fibers: In the latest move, Copex has also the right solution for the agricultural sector and proposes his multimaterial balers PMM for the treatment of dehydrated alfalfa, hay and other agricultural fibers.

With an experience of almost 70 years as a designer and constructor of recycling machines, Copex has achieved a leadership position in the fields of hydraulic shears and balers for the treatment of all types of solid waste and similar materials.

Innovation and attention towards the actors of the recycling sector

Mobile Scrap Shear REFLEX 650 tons
Mobile Scrap Shear REFLEX 650 tons

Thanks to continuous investment in research and development and permanent attention towards the professionals of the recycling industries, Copex has always been able to develop new machines and improve the existing ones, in the direction of more performance, more robustness, more flexibility, easier operation, more operational and maintenance safety and less running costs, in compliance with the environmental legislation.

Copex knows what innovation is:

  • 2005: Launch a new generation of scrap shear with compression by wings (CVV).
  • 2007: Design a new hydraulic system which was integrated into all Copex ranges of machines.
  • 2011: The introduction of the new scrap shear with side compression type LIDEX is a kind of revolution so that the machine is still today the only one of its category which offers a complete automatic cycle including compression and cutting phases.
  • 2013: Introduction to the marker of a new generation of mobile scrap shears named REFLEX.
  • 2014: Launch of a new range of multi-materials balers type PMM.
  • 2015: Copex up-dated his range of scrap metal balers and at the same time introduced to the market the new scrap shears with wings compression (S(Wing).
  • 2016: the PACKMETAL range is created to press metallic waste packages.

Copex Service

Logistic support, assembly on-site, training of the operators, Copex is guiding each one of your projects from the engineering phase to the start-up and optimization of the machine at site and during the life cycle of your machine.

Our reactive and available teams of technicians and local partners are listening to you and assist you in the field.

Traceability, responsibility and implications: Copex ensures a professional tailor-made co-operation.

A Company with Human Scale

Scrap shears and balers manufactured in Copex factory
Copex Workshops in Caudan (France)

Copex has 70 employees at his site in Caudan, which covers a total surface of 9000 m2 dedicated to manufacturing activities.

Copex make 60 to 70% of his sales with export countries and have references on all continents.

Quality Approach

COPEX was awarded the ISO 9001 certificate in 2017.