Recycling of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals

Copex designs and manufactures robust and innovative shears and balers for the processing of scrap and metals

Lidex, equipement recycling of Ferrous

Recycling of Household Waste and Assimilated

Copex designs and manufactures balers for household waste, balers for metal packagings, and multimodal waste transfer stations

POM, Balers

Conditioning of Nuclear Waste

Based on his large experience as a manufacturer of recycling equipments, Copex offers tailor-made machines to meet the specific safety and environment requirements in the nuclear industry

meet the specific safety and environment requirements in the nuclear industry
More than 800 machines around the world
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Heavy duty scrap shear baler with side compression Lidex1000

BAYLISS RECOVERY Ltd. orders a LIDEX1000 scrap shear to COPEX

COPEX is manufacturing a scrap shear with side compression LIDEX1000 for one of the largest recycling companies in South Wales BAYLISS RECOVERY Ltd


A LIDEX1700 scrap shear ordered by the French Recycling Company MAZEAU RECUPERATION to COPEX

COPEX started the fabrication of a side compression scrap shear type LIDEX1700 that the Recycling Company MAZEAU RECUPERATION want to install in their new Parisian yard.

Hydraulic scrap shear balers with side compression Lidex1300

A scrap shear baler with side compression Lidex1300 started in the UK

A Lidex of 1300 tons cutting force, the biggest scrap shear sold by Copex to the UK market, has been started at Charles Muddle Ltd site in West Sussex. The scrap metal recycler was already owning a Copex CVB scrap shear of previous generation.