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LIDEX - Stationary with side compression

Easy and safety maintenance, minimizing costs
Maintenance works on hydraulic scrap metal shears

The machine is delivered with a maintenance worker’s platform with specific tools to make the changing of blades precise, rapid and in safe conditions.

Another feature is the blade locking system designed by COPEX, where no bolts or nuts are required, the time necessary for replacing cutting knives is reduced by 50%.

With the progressive lubrication system with volumetric control, optimal pressure and dosing is obtained on all single points, and life duration of blade slides increased.

Kinematics of the pre-load table

Through the innovative kinematics of the pre-load table, scrap gets directed into the pusher zone, directly under the lid, and the number of movements is reduced.

The operator is no longer required for compression and shearing operations, and has free time to carry out other running operations.


Hydraulic scrap shear on scrap yard
Shear frame
Shear frame of side squeeze scrap shear

The LIDEX offers a very high cutting performance of 7 strokes per minute. In this system, the shear and the stamper move up and down at the same time.

The LIDEX shear head is equipped with a “rail breaker”, the shear frame is designed to process the hardest and toughest scrap. The specially designed hydraulic control valve regulates the movement of the shear in order to get the optimal power with a perfect control.

When a hard scrap piece suddenly breaks, a counter pressure is immediately produced and compensates the load of the slide-block removing the load shock from the system.

The extremely long guiding of the slide-block optimizes and maintains the clearance between the blades, and ensures constant cutting performances.

Full automatic cycle

The LIDEX is the only machine whih offers a complete automatic cycle for closing of compression box. The time necessary for closing the box is reduced to 20 seconds.

By means of the pre-load table, scrap materials can be loaded as a background task by the operator, even when the box is not closed yet.

The pre-load table ensures a visibility which is impossible to obtain with alternative loading modes.


Lidex scrap shear with side compression
Operation control
Electrical switch cabinet with touchscreen for hydraulic scrap shear

The machine can be delivered with a radio remote control or a cabin (optional).

The simple and intuitive touch screen displays all production parameters and machine running data. It is possible to make all necessary checks, anticipate preventive maintenance interventions, and solve troubles with a self-diagnosis program. If necessary,COPEX can make remote changes or adjustments using the remote maintenance system.

Automatic box closing

The automatic box closing cycle is possible through the extremely high performance of the lid covering 80% of the chamber in closed position. The lid produces a maximum force of 500t in the center of the chamber (LIDEX 800t and 1000t with 8 m box).



Efficient hydraulics

An excellent cutting performance of 7 cuts per minute with a 17% reduction of energy consumption is possible with the LIDEX as various automatic movements are operated simultaneously: Stamper, shear, side press, lid and pre-load table work at the same time.

The speed of all movements is increased with no additional input of energy through the most advanced oil transfer system between cylinders.

The high performance pumps are of a new generation and contribute to improved cycle times.

The proportional design of the hydraulic pumps means a large reduction in electrical consumption, less heat build up and noise.


Hydraulic unit in hydraulic room


The LIDEX hydraulic scrap shear with side compression is specifically designed for the compacting and shearing of heavy and bulky scrap.

LIDEX scrap shears achieve very high production levels with reduced operational costs.
With the LIDEX, COPEX introduces a new concept of machine and offers the first machine in the world having a full automatic cycle. This cycle is including the dropping of scrap from the pre-load table into the compression box, the closing of the box, the precompression of the log and the complete cutting cycle.

This unique function is offered mainly by two major innovations:

  • the original kinematic design of the pre-load table contributes to considerably reduce scrap preparation and number of movements,
  • the oversized lid designed to ensure exceptional compacting force and reduce cycle times.

The operator is no longer required for compression and shearing operations and has free time to carry out other running operations.

With the LIDEX productivity increase is of 25 %.


LIDEX 800 LIDEX 1000 LIDEX 1300 LIDEX 1700
Cutting force (t) 800 1000 1300 1700
Compression box L (mm) 6000
8000 8000 8000
W (mm) 2000 2000 2600 2600
Cutting width (mm) 600
Hydraulic group (kW) 3x90
Production up to (t/h) 41 55 80 110


The scrap shears with side compression LIDEX are ideal for the treatment of any type of scrap including heavy and bulky scrap materials.

LIDEX hydraulic scrap shears are ideal to reach very high production levels up to 110 t/h with low running costs.

Those machines are perfectly suitable for the production of bales. it is possible to offer a 200t pusher for a even higher densification of scrap products.