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REFLEX - Mobile and portable

Semi-mobile also available

The REFLEX can also be delivered in semi-mobile version with or without hydraulic support legs. The legs are used to load the machine onto a low loader.

Easy operation

When developing the REFLEX, priority was given to the significant reduction of operational noise.

The REFLEX integrates up-to-date sound-proofing technologies. The engine compartment is fully covered with high quality sound-proofing materials. Large acoustic grilles/panels are used to reduce the sound level of the engine.

All parts and control elements of the machine offer perfect accessibility which is optimized by the use of large panels/doors and a platform to make intervention operations easier.

REFLEX shear frame : The new standard for reliability and longevity

The REFLEX integrates an innovative slides guiding system: it is the first machine of its category which offers the same high technical level as the heavy-duty scrap shears.

The perfectly balanced distribution of the cutting efforts considerably increases the reliability of the shear frame.

The high performance shearing capability of this machine is guaranteed over time through the extremely low wear of consumables. For example, maintenance costs for the slide block guiding part are divided by 3.


Box closing efficiency

The specific design of the wings ensures that the scrap material is optimally « wrapped » during the compacting phase. The new kinematics ensures maximization of the compacting effects at the end of the box closing phase. Cycle times are considerably reduced.

The REFLEX 900 produces the highest compacting force existing today in the market when it goes about closing compression box.


The new REFLEX mobile scrap shear is specifically designed for the shearing and compacting of welded structures, white goods, car bodies, collected scrap and all kinds of non-ferrous metals.

The REFLEX last-born scrap shear from COPEX represents a big step ahead as regard to mobile machines for the recycling of scrap and metals.

As this type of machine generally is operated under very hard conditions, we actually decided to integrate in our new REFLEX range the same technical choices as for our well-known heavy duty LIDEX scrap shears with side compression. This had never been done before.

Real innovations ensure quality and robustness, unequalled for a range of mobile shears:

  • Innovative guiding of slide-block for more reliability and less costs
  • New kinematics of wings to optimize box closing power and reduce cycle times
  • Reinforced sound-proofing through full covering of engine compartment by means of sound-proofing materials and large acoustic panels
  • Optimization of hydraulics and PLC for more reliability and operation smoothness
Cutting force (t) 500 650 900
Hold-down force (t) 100 120 200
Compression box Length in mm 5000 6000 7000
Power of diesel engine hp (kW) 250 hp (180 kW) 375 hp (276 kW) 550 hp (408 kW)
Power of electrical motor (kW) 120 210 370
Mobile version Axles 3 4 6
Semi-mobile version yes yes yes
Production of bales yes yes yes
Hydraulic blade fastening - yes yes
Cabin - yes yes


The REFLEX mobile scrap shears are versatile machines suitable for many different operation configurations :

  • Suitable for the treatment of a big variety of scrap materials such as welded structures, white goods, car bodies, collected scrap, and all types of non-ferrous metals,
  • Achieving excellents cutting performance, the machine is also perfectly suitable to produce high quality bales,
  • Available with cutting forces of 500t, 650t and 900t,
  • Mobile with 3, 4 or 6 axles, the machine can also be produced as semi-mobile with optional hydraulic legs.