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Balers with single compression

Feeding hopper suitable for all operation needs

The P1C balers can be delivered with a specific feeding hopper ensuring a loading of the materials by means of a grab or a bucket loader.

They can alternatively be integrated into the waste sorting process. In this configuration feeding of materials is made by means of a belt conveyor which might receive a magnetic separator. In this case, the standard feeding hopper is used.

Low noise

Sound emissions will never exceed 80 dB (A) wherever the operator will be.

 The equivalent sound level values measured at the various working places are:

  • 79 dB (A) in front of the electrical switch cabinet
  • 78 dB (A) in front of the machine, where processed bales are discharged
Solidity and durability
  • Solid welded construction design
  • High-strength wear plates cover all parts of the machine coming into contact with the scrap
  • Grooved wear plates allows to process any kind of materials avoiding risk of jamming


Easy operation and minimized maintenance costs
  • Fully automatic operation
  • HMI interface through intuitive touch screen providing easy access to production parameters and operational data:
    • Length, final pressure and density of bales adjustable
    • Preventive maintenance interventions optimized as all necessary checks can be made using the touch screen
  • Precise positioning of the compression units by means of analogic sensors
  • Minimized wear ensured by lubrication system in the compression chamber
  • Teleservice via modem


Safety operation

All dangerous areas are protected by means of fences in compliance with the current safety rules and regulations.

The protection zones are defined to make cleaning and maintenance operations easier and have one access door controlled by an approved safety switch.

All emergency stops push-buttons are brought together on the safety module installed on the electrical switch cabinet of the baling press. Any using of an emergency push-button will stop immediately all equipments of the baling station.

The control desk integrates a safety key.


The P1C baling presses are used to compact household metal waste and industrial metal waste into high density bales conforming to the requirements of steel making plants and foundries

The scrap metal balers with single compression have automatic operating cycle and continuous feeding by means of a grab or a conveyor. COPEX baling presses provide the optimal solution for the professionals of industries and scrap metal recycling.

The balers type P1C can be installed indoor and outdoor and do not require any specific foundations. 

COPEX proposes for his entire range models with shearing blades (P1CV) and lid (P1CC) to cover all possible applications.



Bale section (mm) Feed opening (mm) Final compression (t) Production Aluminium (t/h) Production Steel/copper (t/h) Installed power (kW)
P1CV 4030 400 x 300 1000 x 360 63 <= 0,7 <= 2 22 or 30
P1CV 5030 500 x 300 1040 x 460 80 <= 1 <= 3 37
P1CC 5030 500 x 300 1100 x 500 80 <= 1 <= 3 37
P1CC 6320 630 x 200 1245 x 630 100 <= 1 <= 3 37

Other versions available upon request
Options: Container, lubrication of compression chamber, control cabin, pre-load table, direct charging hopper, weighing hopper, adaptation for very low and high temperatures and tropicalization


An extensive range to cover all possible applications:

  • Balers suitable for use in industrial production plants as well as recycling scrap yards,
  • Highest densification of materials,
  • Processing of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials: metal offcuts (copper, zinc, aluminium, steel …), household waste coming from waste sorting plants, light scrap…
  • Balers with shearing blades or lid
  • Charging hoppers adapted to any type of materials
  • Output from small to medium
  • Complete lines comprising additional equipment such as conveyors, weighing units…
  • Easy installation with no specific civil work, and perfectly suitable for industrial applications