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Engineering Services
Copex can provide long engineering expertise

Copex, Partner of your Project

With the support of our highly skilled engineers, our dynamic and multilingual sales team ensures the success of your project in optimal economical conditions:

  • We can give you specific advise to define the best machine for your needs,
  • We develop tailored solutions for your specific needs,
  • We prepare the installation and layout drawings taking into consideration your on-site conditions,
  • We provide reliable and accurate estimations of your future running and maintenance costs,
  • We assist you for the preparation of your civil works.
Big part of hydraulic scrap shear being unloaded on site

Complete Management of Logistics

In France and worldwide, we can offer you our valuable experience for the organization of the transportation of your machine under the best price and safety conditions.

Your machine can be managed by Copex from the loading in factory up to the final destination on your scrap yard, including unloading operations on-site. In this way continuity of the logistic chain is guaranteed.

Assembly, Start-up and Optimization on Site
Copex can provide all hoisting means for unloading of hydraulic shears on site

The benefit from a unique interlocutor

From the moment you will have confirmed your order for a Copex machine, the operational manager will be your privileged partner. He is in charge of the management of all aspects of the fulfillment of your order, and will provide you with the detailed planning schedule plan of all operations from the start of production up to the start-up on-site.

If you wish to, you can also get a regular reporting on the progress of the works.

Once your machine is delivered on site, a team of experienced technicians will assist you further:

  • They will either supervise the assembly operations with your local staff,
  • or they will make the full assembly of the machine including hoisting.

At the start-up, the machine is tested by our teams in industrial production situation. This is ideal to make the last adjustments and optimize the performance of your machine.

Professional Training
Tailored training sessions provided by Copex for scrap shears

Professional Training at Copex and on-site

It is essential for the life duration of your machine that your operators can operate and maintain the machine in the best condition. Copex provides tailored training sessions.

There are based on the comprehensive technical documentation which is supplied with the machine.

COPEX machines are assembled and tested in our factory. During the final phase of assembly, we have the best opportunity to welcome and train your operators free of cost. In this way they can participate to adjusting and start-up operations. They will have opportunity to study with our trainers the electrical and hydraulic schemes, get knowledge of the components of the machines and of all technical documents delivered with the machine. This is also the occasion to create a privileged contact between our two companies.

The next step is the complete training of the operators and maintenance staff on-site.

Some major topics combining practical training for the using of the machine and theoretical training for the maintenance are studied in details in order to meet the following objectives:

  • The operator must feel comfortable with the using of the machine,
  • He must be able to make all current maintenance operations,
  • He must be able to operate the machine in an autonome way,
  • He must be able to place his orders for spares trouble-free.


Spare Parts
Fast delivery of spare parts

Optimal Management of Spare Parts

We have entire control over the fabrication processes of our machines and parts in our Copex factory.

This production organization gives us high flexibility, and ensures our customers to get deliveries of parts within extremely short deadlines and with a perfect traceability.

The original parts ensure a high level of quality and reliability.

We have a large number of crucial parts on stock, immediately available for fast delivery in France and abroad.

All those measures ensure optimal maintenance and service operations avoiding downtime of their machines.

Reactive and reliable technicians solve any trouble on hydraulic machine

High Level Technical Support

For the assistance to his machines users, COPEX has an important team of professionals who are recruited for their qualification and experience. They all shear one common value: respect and attention toward customers.

Should you have one doubt, one question, those experienced and multilingual interlocutors are at your service to advise you and providing quick and efficient solutions by phone.

Free of cost assistance, one single direct phone number, a simple solution, efficient and flexible, which prooved to be efficient in the national and international territories for years. This makes the reputation of our servcies.

In case an intervention on site is required, we have a team of technicans who have a wealth of experience on site.


Improved Assistance thanks to Remote Service

Copex machines are supplied with remote service which offers a user-friendly interface.

Copex technicians are able to carry out the following operations in a remote way:

-  Analyze and make an immediate diagnosis of a possible failure,

-  Make some adjustments and fix problems in a remote way,

-  Make a complete check of the machine, ensuring good preventive maintenance.


The adjustments, the troubleshooting and the program upgrading are done directly via internet in direct connection wit our Engineering Service in France.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Contracts with Guaranteed Intervention Times

Only regular maintenance operations will guarantee optimal high performance and safety level of your machine over the years.

Being aware that the reliability and operation continuity are essential, we propose service contracts specifically adapted to your activities. Those contracts include a program of maintenance actions which are scheduled in accordance with our customers to have entire control.

The maintenance contacts aim at:

  • protect your image,
  • avoid disturbance of your activity,
  • minimize your costs thourgh a regular maintenance,
  • optimize and plan production down-times taking into consideration the specific conditions of your plant,
  • keep your machine in compliance with safety norms and regulations.
Curative Maintenance
Experienced engineers for high level curative maintenance

Minimization of Maintenance Costs and Maximization of Machine Availability rate

The curative maintenance aims at two targets:

  • reduction of machine down-times,
  • optimization of maintenance operations in terms of costs and planning.

To reach those objectives, you can benefit from the expertise of our teams who provide assistance to define the list of works to be done taking into consideration your economical needs and plan the operations.

Production Means at Your Service
Entire control over the fabrication processes of machines and parts

Control of Fabrication Processes

We have entire control over the fabrication processes of machines and parts in our factory in Caudan.

This production organization is ideal to ensure:

  • fabrication quality never denied,
  • reliability of components,
  • flexibility specific for enterprises with human size,
  • a perfect traceability thanks to the saving of information in central data base.

Our factory is equipped with modern machining tools providing capacity to do machining of parts of any kind and of any size with high precision and economically.

We can provide maintenance of our machine with high reactivity and in the full respect of original quality.

As for new Copex machines, all refurbished machines are tested in real operation configuration in our factory before delivery.

Upgrade - Relocation
Copex expertise and know-how for upgrade and relocation of hydraulic shears


Because Copex machines are excellent quality machines, they are very long lasting. It is essential to give our customers the possibility to up-date and optimize their machine over the years. Our quality of machine designer and constructor gives us the possibility to offer evolution solutions for your machine integrating the latest developments.

You can benefit from the latest technological progresses and can further increase the value of your investment and even increase its efficiency.



If you wish to relocate your machine on another site, you can also contact Copex. We will manage all relocation operations. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, you will get a perfectly operational equipment within optimized deadlines.




COPEX activity of machine refurbishing goes back a long time.

Refurbishing happens generally when a customer purchases a new COPEX equipment to replace an older one,

Refurbished machines offer many benefits:

  • reduced investment cost,
  • performance guarantee of the refurbished machine,
  • Constructor guarantee, for reliability

The machine are refurbished in our factory in Caudan, where the same fabrication processes are used as for the new machines.