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Prensas empaquetadoras PACK METAL

Operational comfort and easy maintenance

The PACK METAL have simple and automatic operation. The controls and production data are centralized in the control cabinet.

All PACK METAL baling presses are equipped with remote maintenance system via modem.

Offering easy and safe access for the routine maintenance operations, the baler is also characterized by its low noise level which does not exceed80 dB.



Low operating costs

The PACK METAL baling press is characterized by the height adjustment system of its shearing vault, which compensates the wear in the press chamber and reduces the clearance between knives. This contributes to increase life-duration of the wear parts with insurance of bale high quality.

The press is equipped with an energy saving program to stop the hydraulic unit during the wait phases of hopper filling or in case of a prolonged stop of the compacting piston.

Minimized installation costs

The PACK METAL baling press has a very compact design and can be installed extremely easily and rapidly. The needed surface is reduced to 3,5 m². The machine can be placed on a simple platform or a slab and does not require any specific civil engineering works.


Sturdiness and long-life duration

The press box is a mechanical-welded rigid and robust construction. It is fully covered with easily interchangeable wear plates ensuring optimal protection of the structure and minimizing maintenance costs.

The extra-long guidance of the compression piston de compression contributes to reduce wear and ensures long-term operability/reliability with reduced operating costs.

High densification for a maximal resale value

The high pressing PACK METAL balers meet the current requirements of the steelmakers.

They are in full compliance with the Minimum Technical Specifications of the steel production:

  • Density between 1,2 kg/dm3 and 1,4 kg/dm3
  • Bales weight of 11 to 27 kg depending on the model
  • Resistance to 5 consecutive drops from 2 m height

The pusher piston and the vault at the entry of the press chamber are equipped with cutting blades/knives to cut the protruding materials. The bales obtained are of perfect quality, homogeneous and burrfree.

Alimentación óptima de la prensa empaquetador por tolva de grandes dimensiones


The PACK METAL balers are ideal for the recycling of metal waste coming from waste sorting centers.

Based on COPEX know-how and experience in the design and manufacturing of balers for scrap and metal recyclers, the PACK METAL compress food and beverage cans, spray bottles, and any similar product coming from the waste selecting process, into high density bales.

The fully automatic PACK METAL can be integrated into waste sorting lines, or installed separately.

With an availability rate > to 98% and production output up to 2 000 kg/h, the PACK METAL range meets all operation needs.

Perfectly integrated into industrial process, the PACK METAL balers can be delivered with a big variety of additional devices to automate the installation:

  • Specific feed hoppers depending on feeding mode: loading bucket, tipper, grab…
  • Feeding conveyors,
  • Overband magnet conveyors,
  • Hook-lift, sledges,
  • Elevated frames,
  • Ramps or bales ejection conveyors…


PACK METAL 4030 / 7,5 kW PACK METAL 4030 / 11 kW PACK METAL 4030 / 22 kW PACK METAL 5030 / 30 kW
Sección de la tolva de la base (mm) 400 X 300 400 X 300 400 X 300 500 X 300
Equipo hidráulico (kW) 7,5 11 22 30
Producción de latas de acero (kg/h) 360 600 1100 2000
Producción de latas de aluminio (kg/h) 125 210 380 690


For the food and beverage industry, the PACK METAL is transformed into a Press with Separation of products (PSP)

This variant of PACK METAL baler was especially developed to process waste issued from production process. The contents are first separated from their container/package. After their dilution, the substantive contents are captured and conducted to a collection system. Through this machine, the bales can reach an optimal resale value.